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Take document snapshots and protect them

Scan-and-Protect App is the most secure and easy-to-use app to store your photos and scanned documents. Protect your important documents with advanced encrypting technology. Your data stored in Scan-and-Protect App can not be hacked any way!

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Scan-and-Protect App is the secure easy-to-use app to take, encrypt & store scanned documents! Protect confidential data with the most advanced encrypting technology on the market. The App utilizes built-in camera for taking shots and then encrypts the data with the most securable crypt key in the industry!

Edge technologies

Scan&Protect is the MOST SECURED DOCUMENT PROTECTING APP in the App Store today. It has absolutely unique crypto algorithm and most advanced crypto-generating system. Each your document is crypted and nobody can gain any type of access to it, even if your iPhone stolen and hacked. That's unbelievable mechanism realized with SSL 256-bit key, which is used in financial systems.


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"The Best way to secure docs!"
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